Volunteers Wanted !

how you can help with our club activities -

Our Committee is asking if there are any volunteers who would be willing to join other members and participate in any of the following tasks. If you would like to help or find out more about the required tasks, please email the appropriate contact as indicated - they would like to hear from you.

Office Volunteers 

We need volunteers to assist in the office to reduce the cost of temporary staff.

Our Monday volunteer, Doug Westcott, is unable to continue the good work he has been doing, so we need someone else to help on Mondays. Wednesday is the day when the office is staffed solely by volunteers. Our Wednesday volunteer, Gordon Loughnan, has had to reduce the time he can spend in the office on Wednesday afternoons. So, it is important that we have a volunteer to help on Wednesday afternoons.  

If you can spare a day, or even half a day per week, please contact the Secretary, John Swale, by email secretary@melbpc.org.au or by phone 0417 530 766.

QuickBooks — bookkeeping
We would like a volunteer with QuickBooks bookkeeping experience to help with  hands-on assistance, training &/or guidance. For more details please contact the Secretary: secretary@melbpc.org.au

Rules Review Team
Following the issues raised at a recent  AGM, the Secretary has a team to reviewing the Melb PC Rules. If you are interested in joining the team, please contact the Secretary: secretary@melbpc.org.au

Editorial Staff for PC Update Magazine
We urgently require some assistance with the production of PC Update.  We need one or two volunteers who have experience with the full desktop version of Microsoft Word, and are comfortable with merging items from various sources.  Please contact the editor of PC Update, David Stonier-Gibson, for further details at editorpc@melbpc.org.au

Website Maintenance and Development

The Web Development Group is wanting to enlist the help of an extra volunteer in addition to those already involved.  There will be a mix of maintenance and development work and some documentation which can mostly be done from home, with one meeting a month, currently at Mt Waverley.  The main requirement is the ability to use a web browser to create and edit web page content  and check the results in conjunction with experience with a comprehensive word processor. A basic knowledge of Wordpress would be an advantage, as would experience in using a comprehensive screenshot utility.

Please email the Web Development Group -  webmaint (at) melbpc.org.au if you are interested.

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