Corona Virus Related Update - Recent Changes

Page last updated: 3-Dec-2020

Important Changes to Melbourne PC User Group Meetings


Moorabbin Clubrooms - Access update 29 Nov 2020

At last! The rules are being relaxed and we can start getting life back to normal. We have been working to develop a government mandated policy for allowing admission back into Moorabbin, and also to derive a minimum set of simple rules to comply with the Government's rules.

A brief summary of the main requirements is listed below - there are other procedures you will need to know about before you visit and you will need to review the emails from the President dated 27-11-2020 and 29-11-2020.

In Summary ...

  • Call the office on 9276 4000 before an intended non-SIG visit, if you do not have your own entry keycard, to make sure the place will be open. Malin is currently working from home on some days (may vary).
  • Everyone must sign in on a clipboard (reception counter upstairs, TBD downstairs in the Garage). Including your phone number is essential to aid any contact tracing (which hopefully will not be required). Signing in entails declaring yourself symptom free. You may not enter if you have symptoms or have tested positive; You must also register your exit time.
  • If you test positive for COVID-19 within 14 days of your last visit, you must advise the office;
  • Until further notice masks should be worn if not eating or drinking;
  • Use hand sanitiser (provided) or wash your hands frequently;

Online Meetings during Covid-19 restrictions

During Covid-19 restrictions, most of our monthly SIG meetings previously held in locations other than the Moorabbin Clubrooms are generally still being held online.  These meetings are mostly transitioning to the Zoom platform. To find details of current SIG meetings that you might be interested in please see the latest Monthly Calendar   where you can find details of registering for online meetings.

Melb PC Members are entitled to attend any SIG meeting as part of their membership benefits. Non Members are welcome to attend  up to three online meetings as guests.  To register to attend an online meeting,  please use the Register link in the Monthly Calendar entry for the SIG meeting of interest.