Meeting Details: Melb PC Headquarters, Level 1, 479 Warrigal Rd, Moorabbin, or by Video Conference.
Conveners: Dave Simpson (Unique Images: Kangaroos, Electric Tram, Melbourne City, CSIRAC 1st Gen Computer).

iHelp (Internet Help)

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This Special Interest Group (SIG)
is for technical, computer, password and internet problems.
Other queries: click Contact Office for admin, membership, new email accounts, sales, meetings, website, etc.
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MelbPC and iHelp continue the tradition of Melbourne as a unique place. Our group function is “Members helping Members”, whose role is to sort out Internet or General PC problems. This unique service would have to be one of the best reasons for maintaining your Melbourne PC membership.

Assistance from the SIG can be obtained in various ways. Basic issues may be quickly resolved using First Aid or Live Chat, more complex issues should be logged using Email iHelp, or an iHelp Support-Request.

 First Aid/Live Chat – Ph (03) 9276-4088  Live Chat With Us!

This is telephone/chat support for simple and urgent problems. Support is manned when iHelpers are available between 10:00am-3:00pm Weekdays & may include office or public holidays. If the problem cannot be resolves within 15 minutes, it is generally logged to our Support Database where an appropriate iHelper will later follow up the inquiry. The phone number for these inquiries is Ph (03) 9276-4088. Outside these hours you may leave a message with your membership details, and this will be logged for later follow up.
The Chat Pop-Up should appear at the top RH corner of this page, providing Java Script is enabled. A direct Chat link for mobiles is

 Email iHelp –

For those who cannot access our Web pages but can send an email from some device, a request for help with membership details can be sent to It is then logged to our Support Database where an appropriate iHelper will later follow up the inquiry. This method may take longer than an Internet Support Request (below), if any critical details are missing.

  iHelp Support – Open Support Request

The main Support Database for Melbourne PC can be accessed from the Menu Item “iHelp Support Request”. After entering your Member Details, you are able to “Submit” a support request, with details of your problem. When an appropriate iHelper is available, they will contact you at your registered phone number or email address, which should therefore be kept up to date at the office. If your only phone number for support is a mobile, you may be contacted and asked to call back at your expense.
All effort will be made to ensure someone replying to your request is familiar with the issue, however if the problem involves advanced issues or software packages, you should refer to Dial Help, Q&A and other resources below.

 Questions & Answers – Open Q&A

From the Menu Item “iHelp Q&A” you will find answers to may of the questions asked of iHelpers, on using the Melb PC Internet Service. In many cases your problem may have already been documented with a solution that will satisfy your needs without delay.

   Dial Help – Open Dial Help

For complementary support to vendors, Dial Help Volunteers offer detailed knowledge of particular Hardware or Software. If your problem relates to one of the listed Categories, members only may from the Menu Item “Dial Help”, telephone the relevant Volunteer for specific advice. Calls can be made weekdays 9:00am to 5:00pm and 6.30pm to 9:00pm.
Please be able to reproduce your problem, have your phone beside the computer, keep calls short particularly during business hours, and don’t expect a volunteer to call you back on a mobile phone.

 Yammer/Newsgroups – Open Yammer

A new service that comes with any MelbPC email address is Microsoft Yammer. This social network, has now replaced the old members Newsgroups. Just log into and provide your password, to message other MelbPC members for help. You can also access Yammer from Office365 using the Checkerboard icon at the top LHS.
For those familiar with our earlier News Groups you could subscribe to melbpc.connectivity, melbpc.computing.misc, or melbpc.general etc. You can however go to the Members Web News Forum (N/A currently) and access the same messages through any browser.

 Monthly Meeting Q&A – Open Monthly Meeting Archive

At the Monthly General Meeting, besides interaction with other members, there is always a Q&A session hosted by one of the Clubs PC Experts. If you have a straightforward question, this is often a good place to get a precise answer with additional feedback from the audience. For those who have difficulty getting there, these can be viewed Live or from Archives using the Menu Items “Monthly Meeting: Live or Archive”. It is also possible to ask a question Live at these meeting, by entering it in the Yammer “All” group.
Be careful if you are using a Mobile Broadband connection for some of these files can be quite large.
The video of a typical Q&A session can be found from the Menu Item “Club Facilities”.
Previous and future meeting details can be found from the Top Link “Monthly Meeting”.

 SIG Meetings – Open Events Calendar

Most SIG’s hold monthly meetings in locations around Melbourne. These provide the opportunity for one-on-one discussion with knowledgeable local members. Details of SIG’s and an Events Calendar can be found in PC Update Magazine, or from the Top Link titled “SIGs” (Details) or “HOME” (Events Calendar).
Email addresses are also available from the Menu Item “Office/SIG Contacts”.

 SIG Workshops – Open Club Contacts

Some SIG’s hold monthly workshops, in locations around Melbourne. These provide the opportunity for hands-on assistance with your PC from local knowledgeable members. Details of SIG Workshops can be found in PC Update Magazine, or from the Top Link titled “SIGs”.
Please contact the Convener at least 24 hrs before attending so they can research the problem, and bring the Hardware & Software needed to the venue.

 PC UPDATE – Open PC Update Online or Email PC Update Editor

The Club produces a Magazine or Newsletter on a regular basis, with information on the latest hardware, software and tips on configuring/repairing your computer.
There is also a “Random Access” section where you can ask questions on specific problems and see replies to other members. Often you will see the solution to a problem you have not yet encountered.
From the Menu Item “PC Update”, recent copies of the magazine can be downloaded for further study and you can search earlier copies for articles which may be of assistance.

 Library – Email C Pratt or Email C Lai

As a service to members of Melbourne PC User Group, a reference library of approximately 600 computer books is provided in our library at Moorabbin Headquarters.
Members who are able to come in to the office may browse what is available, or borrow a book and retain it on loan for a period of one month. A limit of three books may be on loan to any member at one time.
To assist in book selection, a copy of the library rules and a link to the catalogue of the available books is shown at Melbourne PC Library Information. The Librarians above may be contacted for further details.

 Internet Lounge – Open Club Facilities

Our Internet Lounge at Moorabbin is always available for members who wish to solve their own problems.
We have a wide range of Commercial Software installed here, which you can try before you buy. Also there is a selection of Freeware/Shareware that you may like to evaluate.
You can do a search on the Internet, or use our High speed Ethernet/Wi-Fi to download an essential file for your system. You can scan a document to create a file or hard print. Also you can transfer Analog Video from VHS or 8mm video tape to a digital format and burn a CD/DVD.
Further videos & software details are available under the Menu Item “Club Facilities”.

 Home Visit Assist –

This service is only for members who are restricted in their activities or mobility. This generally means those with an Age or Disability Pension, who cannot be helped by other means. The contact for Home Visit Assist is the Office Ph (03) 9276-4000 or email If you can help with this program, please contact the office.

In a workshop the cost is usually minimised because the technician manages several jobs at once. With a home visit the technician has to wait around while each process completes, therefore the cost including travel may be far greater. Home visits are never a good solution unless the provider is known. We therefore encourage most members to use iHelp, SIG workshops or a local Computer shop.

 Web Links – Open Web Links

If you are looking for an external MelbPC service, or cannot find what you need on this page, we provide links from the Menu Item “Web Links”, to some other websites for further research or study.


The iHelp SIG meets regularly online or at Moorabbin, and is open to volunteers with patience and experience in Computer configuration. The Convener is a rotating position, however the current leader can be determined from iHelpers, or the office. All correspondence including comments on this iHelp website should be addressed to


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