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A note about the SIGs response to the Corona virus situation ...

As of March 2021, a number of SIGs are developing procedures for what we call hybrid meetings. These meetings are intended to allow both a small number of in person attendees and simultaneously include online attendees. The number of in person attendees is limited, the exact limits being set by the venue where the in person meeting is held, taking account of government requirements.

Some SIGs are currently unable to hold in person meetings due to restrictions imposed by their normal meeting venue.

Members can register for individual SIG meetings via the Monthly Calendar.    Alternatively,  Members can log in to their Melb PC account on this website and indicate that they would like to receive regular SIG email notices.

Visitors can register for individual SIG meetings here

Tap or Click on the links listed below to see full details of regular SIG meetings at your location of interest ...

Moorabbin Club Rooms

Access (Database) and Excel SIG

Communications SIG

Everything Apple SIG

Investment Tools - WASINT (Web and Software INvestment Tools) SIG

MACE - Melbourne Atari Computer Enthusiasts SIG

Microcontroller SIG

Microcontroller Workshop SIG

Music SIG

Raspberry Pi Moorabbin SIG

Video Production SIG

Video Production - Pinnacle SIG

Video Production - Sony SIG

WAFFLE - (Wine and Fine Food Lovers Event) SIG

Website Design SIG

Windows Plus SIG

Location Independent (Online)

iHelp SIG

Online SIG

Eastern Suburbs

Beginners East (beast) SIG - Vermont South

Digital Images SIG - Mt. Waverley

East SIG - Blackburn South

East Workshop SIG - Mt. Waverley

Genealogy East SIG - Vermont South

Hardware SIG - Mt. Waverley

Multimedia Home Entertainment SIG - Mt. Waverley

Raspberry Pi Mount Waverley SIG - Mt. Waverley

Northern Suburbs

Essendon SIG - Avondale Heights

North East Android SIG - Heidelberg

North East Daytime and Photography/Digital Imaging SIG - Heidelberg

North East Genealogy SIG -  Heidelberg

Northern Suburbs Linux SIG - Watsonia

Sunbury Daytime SIG - Sunbury

South East and Peninsula Suburbs

Bayside SIG - Brighton

Casey SIG - Beaconsfield

Mornington Peninsula SIG - Mornington

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