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For your Information …

The Official Melb PC rules can be downloaded here.
Information about our Rules and Management Committee can be found here.

There is no joining fee for new members. The only ongoing fee is the annual membership fee.

Our Membership categories and their annual subscription are listed below. Please select a category and click or tap on the link to proceed with a membership application.  A indicates you can complete a membership application online.   Otherwise,  the details you enter into the form will be emailed to the Melb PC office and an office volunteer will contact you to complete your application.

     Membership Category                         Annual Membership (includes GST)

⊕  Individual                                                                  $95.00

Student A – (25+ years old)                                       $80.00
Student B – (14 – 25 years old)                                 $35.00

Pensioner                                                                     $80.00

Available to holders of a Centrelink Pension Concession Card.
Pensioner Members may pay yearly or quarterly.

Concessional Family                                                 $25.00

Family memberships are additional to a specific individual membership and apply to a members’ spouse and/or children. Changes to family membership must be notified in writing to the Secretary.

Corporate                                                                   $190.00

A Corporate membership has two representatives.



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